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Fine Chocolate Menu

From Gin Fizz Ganache to the award-winning Icelandic Lava Salted Caramels, my chocolates are unique and unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.  They look beautiful, smell amazing, make a satisfying ‘crack’ when you bite into them, feel incredible on your tongue and taste divine. 

With ethically-sourced natural ingredients, high cocoa content and low sugar, my luxury handmade chocolates are one indulgent pleasure you don’t have to feel guilty about.




Virgin Pina Colada

Layers of mouth-watering pineapple gel and creamy white chocolate coconut ganache sit dreamily on a base of pineapple, macadamia and toasted coconut crunch before being encased in the shiniest 35% cocoa white chocolate shell complete with a Caribbean blue-sea swirl.  



Fruity Med Marzipan

Encased in dark and distinctly fruity 70% dark chocolate from Sao Thome, Ecuador and the Ivory Coast, this Mediterranean-inspired chocolate hides a rich almond paste with oily-black Greek Kalamata olive pieces, and a layer of Madagascan dark chocolate and wild strawberry ganache.



Mojito Crunch

Time for a sundowner?  Hidden beneath a silky-smooth 36% cocoa java milk chocolate case is a tipsy lime, rum and dark chocolate ganache, a layer of zingy lime and mint pate de fruit and a crystallised mint leaf white chocolate crunch base.



Tequila Sunrise

Inspired by Happy Hour, this Tequila, orange and white chocolate ganache is layered onto a rich pomegranate reduction before being wrapped in a naturally fruity ruby chocolate shell and airbrushed the colour of sunrise.



Blackcurrant Split

Fill a 69% cocoa Filipino dark chocolate cup with Madagascan vanilla cream ganache, add the zestiest of blackcurrant gels then drizzle with blackcurrant white chocolate.  A grown up twist on a summertime ice cream favourite.  


Salty Sea Dog Caramel

Soft, chewy Cornish sea salt caramel sits gently on a crisp and crunchy micro-toasted cereal ball base before being dipped in 75% Tanzanian cocoa dark chocolate.  A flake of Cornish sea salt completes this little piece of seaside heaven.






Icelandic Lava Salted Caramel

Holly was Cadbury’s caramel queen but she has taken her own caramel to the next level with this sensual, award-winning salted caramel, encased in a crisp, glossy Ivory Coast milk chocolate shell.  You will not believe how good this tastes!


Caramel Passion

If you like your chocolate dark and fruity, this delicious Madagascan vanilla and passion fruit caramel, enrobed in 75% Tanzanian dark chocolate, will have you smiling from ear to ear.


Peanut Supreme

If you love Reece’s Pieces you will ADORE my Peanut Supreme.  A superior blend of Madagascan vanilla caramel, caramelised peanuts, Ivory Coast ganache and peanut cream - pure peanut heaven!